Seattle Sounders at Los Angeles Galaxy: Match Night Commentary | Soccer By Ives

The days top Western Conference clash pits the red-hot Los Angeles Galaxy against the struggling Seattle Sounders.

The Galaxy will be without the services of Landon Donovan, who is being held out as he battles the H1N1 flu virus (and the fatigue of having played in the USAs World Cup qualifying loss vs. Mexico.

I will be providing commentary on tonights match so please feel free to follow along. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

FINAL- Sounders 2, Galaxy 0. Seattle finally wins a road game and moves into second place in the West. LA will walk away wondering what might have been if Beckham doesnt get an early red card.

Thats all for me. Thanks for following along. Feel free to share your post-game thoughts in the comments section below.

90th minute- Halfway through four minutes of stoppage time. LAs no closer to a comeback here.

86th minute- Sanna Nyassi is coming in for Jaqua, even more speed for Seattle to throw at LAs defense.

82nd minute- Ricardo Salazar is absolutely known as a ref who will lose his mind at times with cards. That last red was pretty bad. No other way to say it.

79th minute- RED CARD TO EDDIE LEWIS. Is he claiming Lewis punched him? Looks like a slap by Lewis at worst. What an awful red card call there. Eddie Lewis is about as clean a player as there is in the league. Nice acting job by Riley, pretending a slap inflicted serious pain.

78th minute- SAVE Keller. Eddie Lewis with a curling free kick, but it didnt have much English on it and Keller didnt have that much trouble with it.

76th minute- RED CARD. Tyrone Marshall gets a second yellow and is gone. He hip-checks DOnovan as Donovan was about to get past him. No complaints really.

74th minute- Sebastian LeToux is in for Zakuani, who showed some flashes in the first half, but didnt do much in the second.

73rd minute- Anyone want to venture a guess as to the shade of green of Sigi Schmids shirt? Kermit the Frog green?

71st minute- Think Donovan has just about had it with opponents who wear green?

70th minute- Gotta say, I like what Im seeing from Gonzalez.

Here comes LA on the counterbut no, an overcooked cross leaves the counter flat.

67th minute- Donovan gives Marshall an earful after Marshall hit him in the side of the face. Marshall better relax before Donovan sneezes on him (okay, that was mean, but still).

65th minute- Ricketts with a GREAT stop on Montero, who wastes a BEAUTIFUL pass from Osvaldo Alonso. Such an underrated player Alonso is. Monteros touch lets him down, should have been an easy goal.

64th minute- Magee earns a free kick after pretending he was elbowed.

63rd minute- Hey, theres a soccer game going on. Who knew?

Okay, so maybe we havent missed much, but still.

And for the record, I rate Sean Franklin pretty highly, still think he can be a national team pool player.

62nd minute- The mute button is a beautiful thing.

61st minute- Mike Magee is on for Alan Gordon. Magees a goal-poacher who will find the net if given a chance.

60th minute- Sean Franklin speakingzzzzzzzzzzzz.

58th minute- Bryan Jordan comes on for Chris Klein. Thatll spark the comeback.

And seriously, TV folks, how about no interviews during the game with injured players (and not just because Sean Franklins voice is making me sleepy.) This isnt baseball guys. Its soccer.

57th minute- Nice shot of a group of Sounders fans at the game. They travel pretty well (though Im sure of them are former Seattle residents now living in LA.

56th minute- Ricketts saves an Evans shot. Seattle up two goals and up a man. Will be tough to blow this one.

55th minute- GOAL SEATTLE. And its Fredy Montero with the finish to put the Sounders up 2-0. Sounders corner headed into space and Montero pounces on it and buries it rom five-yards out. Berhalter and Dunivant ball-watching.

53rd minute- Kirovski is being used as a defensive midfielder now. Not sure about him in that role. Probably why Seattle is winning the possession battle in the middle (well, that and theyre a man up).

51st minute- Some nice open-field running from Gonzalez. Hes much faster than people realize for his size.

47th minute- WOW, crazy sequence in front of the LA goal as Delagarza and Gonzalez blocked shots off the line before Ricketts made a stop.

46th minute- And were back

HALFTIME- Funny moment at halftime, Landon Donovan put on Dema Kovalenkos jersey by accident.

HALFTIME- Donovan will be coming in for Stefano Miglioranzi.

HALFTIME- Not sure if that was a straightredcard for Beckham (after seeing the replay I have to agree with the call), but teams get those calls sometimes and Seattle hascertainly been on the wrongend of those kind ofcalls enough times this year.

HALFTIME- What will LA do at halftime? Inserting Donovan for either Kirovski or Gordon and sliding Donovan into a playmaking role is the best thing Bruce Arena can do.

HALFTIME- Seattle seemed to let the foot off the petal after scoring the goal, which has given LA some life. Now with Donovan likely to come in at halftime, the Galaxy are still very much in this game. Seattle needs Alonso, Vagenasand Evans to settle this game down and keep some possession.

HALFTIME- Seattle 1, Galaxy 0. Beckham with a red and Zakuani with the lone goal in a game that should be pretty interesting in the second half.

44th minute- LA corner after a Lewis free kick is headed clear.

This game has been chippy all night. Another red card wouldnt shock me tonight.

42nd minute- I have a feeling we wont see Donovan until halftime, but well certainly see him come on to start the second half.

41st minute- Good stat from the TV guys: LA hasnt won all season in games theyve trailed or been tied at halftime.

39th minute- Anyone else disappointed with the field? Isnt this supposed to be a soccer-specific stadium with impeccable turf?

Back to the game. LA comes CLOSE as Gordon sends a dangerous ball toward goal that Klein just misses.

37th minute- Zakuani has another gear that LAs defense just doesnt have. If Seattle stays patient, they will find cracks in this LA defense.

35thminute- Seattle hasnt really pressed the Galaxy since the goal. Theyre sitting back and LA looks like they have some life right now. Its going to be tough a man down though.

27th minute- LA with a free kick.

25th minute- LA losing Beckham is huge and here is Landon Donovan warming up.

23rd minute- Brad Evans torched Berhalter on the right wing and sends the cross to Zakuani for an easy finish.

22nd minute- GOAL SEATTLE!!!! Steve Zakuani with the finish. Sounders 1, Galaxy 0.

18th minute- Beckham with a studs-up tackle on Peter Vagenas. So much for them having been boys in LA.

16th minute- LAs defense is struggling to deal with Seattles speed up front.

LA RED CARD. WOW, David Beckham just got sent off.

12th minute- Zakuani torches DeLaGarza and gets grabbed.

10th minute- LA will be targeting Ianni, who is playing for suspended starter Jhon Kennedy Hurtado.

8th minute- Galaxy moving the ball around well. Seattle looks a bit slow.

4th minute- Freddie Ljungberg is also on the bench for Seattle. Hes also sick, but doesnt have the swine flu. He seems unlikely to play.

2nd minute- Landon Donovan is on the bench and in uniform, and no, he isnt wearing a surgical mask. Tony Sanneh is sitting next to him and doesnt look too worried. Then again, the swine flu isnt as bad for old people.

1st minute- And were off. Yep, field looks a bit messy with those lines.

PRE-GAME- Looks like the turf was recently replaced at Home Depot Center and it doesnt look too great. Well see how the ball plays tonight.

PRE-GAME- Here is Seattles lineup:






Here is LAs lineup:






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