New York Red Bulls vs. Chivas USA: Match Night Commentary | Soccer By Ives

Call it the Cant Win Derby. The hapless New York Red Bulls are facing the ice cold Goats of Chivas USA in a match that only true die-hards could care about.

Want to know how bad things have been for the Red Bulls this season? During a pre-game ceremony tonight, a giant circular Red Bulls banner being used at midfield tore in half. It was one of the more fitting scenes youll ever see at a soccer game.

I will be providing commentary from tonights match because, well, because somebody has to. If you are watching (bless you) and feel free to follow along here. As always, share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (or at least try to).

FINAL- Chivas USA 2, Red Bulls 0. Its 1999 all over again. I havent agreed that this team was as bad as the 99 team until tonight. Dreadful showing and some new life for Chivas USA, which desperately needed a win tonight.

90th minute- Chivas USA scores again. Eduardo Lillingston makes it 2-0 and thats a wrap for New York (again).

87th minute- Still 1-0 Chivas USA, Red Bulls are pressing for an equalizer.

83rd minute- Sorry for the delay, but some breaking news had to be posted. Denis Hamlett and Bakary Soumare were fined by the Chicago Fire for fighting each other in the Fire locker room last week during Chicagos 3-2 loss to Houston.

71st minute- After 70 minutes, the Red Bulls still havent tested Thornton with a quality shot on goal.

Petke with a yellow card.

67th minute- WHOA is Wolyniec, pounces on a bad back-pass, catches Thornton off his line, but cant get a shot off before losing the ball. What a chance, wasted.

62nd minute- Chivas USA switching to a 4-2-3-1, with Kljestan sitting behind Galindo. Theyre trying to project this lead.

59th minute- Can the Red Bulls really score a goal here? Doesnt really look like it.

Michael Lahoud is set to come in. He replaces Chijindu.

55th minute- Zimmerman tries one from distance. Thats what the Red Bulls need to do, test Thornton with shots from distance. He doesnt look like he can move that well at all and any shot with some pace on it will give him trouble.

54th minute- Petke catches a fist to the face, but no call is made. Chivas USA with a corner off the play, which is headed high.

49th minute- There isnt a single Red Bulls players you can point to right now and say, theyre playing well. Not one.

46th minute- And were back.

Here are some drinking games:

Dane Richards turnovers

Zach Thornton footraces lost

Red Bulls defensive blunders

HALFTIME- Just saw a Red Bulls fan wearing a paper bag over his head and a shirt that said Dead Bulls on the front. Classic.

HALFTIME- Danleigh Borman is coming in for Carlos Johnson to start the second half. No word on why, but Id imagine its a fitness issue since Johnson is just coming back from a broken foot.

HALFTIME- If youre sticking around for the second half of this you are either A) a family member of a player on one of these teams or B) in jail and have nothing better to do.

Seriously though, Ill come up with some second-half drinking games. Lord knows this game needs some.

HALFTIME- Chivas USA 1, Red Bulls 0. On the bright side the Red Bulls did not allow a goal in the last five minutes (barely).

Chivas USA looked good in moments, passing the ball well, but its tough to tell if its them playing well or the Red Bulls just not being able to keep up.

45th minute- Referee Kevin Stott gives a diving card to Sacha Kljestan. Wow, that was close. Amazing how all the Red Bulls just fell asleep and started ball-watching. Its like theyre trained to give up goals in the 45th minute+.

40th minute- So a gimpy Thornton is limping around and I cant help but wonder how bad Jon Conway had to look in his trial that Chivas USA would rather have Thornton out there on one leg.

40th minute- Richards with a turnover. Cant think of many players in MLS who have had their stock fall further than Richards.

38th minute- Not sure where the offensive punch will come from today for New York, but Zimmerman could help provide some energy to an otherwise lifeless bunch.

35th minute- Zimmerman on for Celades, who is injured. Why in the world didnt ZImmerman start? Still trying to figure that one out.

33rd minute- Richards beats Thornton to a ball in the corner but instead of laying it off to a teammate he tries a shot and misses.

32nd minute- Richards misses WIDE by inches. So close, yet so far.

27th minute- For those wondering, Macoumba Kandji is STILL out with a hamstring injury. Mighty long time to be out with what wasnt a tear.

23rd minute- Not much life being shown by this bunch. With Chivas USA knowing it needs a win to keep its playoff position in the West, the visitors have much more to play for.

20th minute- Coundoul with a nice save on a Marsch shot. Chivas USA looks good tonight, but who doesnt against the Red Bulls?

16th minute- Chijindu with the cross from the right flank that catches Galindo on the run. He beats Coundoul with a blast from about eight yards out.

14th minute- GOAL CHIVAS USA!!! Maykel Galindo with the great finish. Chivas USA 1, Red Bulls 0.

13th minute- Wolyniec misses wide by inches with a header.

12th minute- Have to say that seeing Jonathan Bornstein play centerback is interesting to say the least.

10th minute- Zach Thornton isnt taking kicks tonight as he is still nursing a quad injury that sidelined him recently.

8th minute-No Juan Pablo Angel tonight. hes still dealing with the concussion he sustainedinCONCACAF Champions Leagueaction.

3rd minute- Heres the Red Bulls lineup:






1st Minute- And were off.

PRE-GAME- You know things are bad for the Red Bulls when the Empire Supporters Club, the teams oldest supporters group, isnt here in numbers. To be fair, many of them made the trip to Mexico City.


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