Who will win the English Premier League? | Soccer By Ives

The English Premier League season is set to kick off on Saturday and this could be the most wide-open race for the title in recent memory, with as many as six or seven teams honestly believing they could win the trophy.

Who do I see winning the league? Its hard to pick against Chelsea. With a good club manager in place and the benefit of continuity after bringing back all its key players, the Blues are the pick to edge out the defending champions Manchester United.

Here is our projected finish of the English Premier League Top Eight: 1. Chelsea, 2. Manchester United, 3. Aston Villa, 4. Manchester City, 5. Liverpool, 6. Tottenham, 7. Arsenal, 8. Everton.

Now its your turn. Which club do you see winning the English Premier League this season:

poll by twiigs.com

Who did you pick to win the league? Which team is your pick to surprise (We say Villa)? Which favorite do you see falling flat (we say Liverpool AND Arsenal)?

Share your thoughts below.


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